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Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller View Post
If you think you hit a nerve, keep telling yourself that. Since you've played hockey, I now think even less of your argument since it is so shallow with regards to hockey. It makes you look like you're just throwing any comparison out there, no matter how tenuous the similarities are, in order to make your argument look strong through the number of examples you've used. Hockey doesn't deserve to be in the discussion when there isn't an automatic suspension for dropping gloves. Once Melo took a swing, there was an automatic suspension. See the difference? That's why no one bats an eye after a hockey fight. Race doesn't have anything to do with that.

Woody Paige agrees with your premise that race is the reason some view the NBA is thuggish.
Good grief, guy, rubiyat conceded the hockey comparison ten posts ago. Let it go. You are arguing with yourself here.
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