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Originally Posted by rubaiyat View Post
Baseball has just as involved "melee's" as anything we've seen in the NBA but you don't have media or talking heads, or message board posts proclaiming the Cubs or Yanks or whoever as a bunch of thugs for it. I don't see any Chicago Thuggs posts.
How about Michael Barrett decking AJ Pierzynski?

Now that was a sucker punch that ignited a bench clearing incident, yet no one is calling Barrett a disgrace or talking about what he did giving his sport a black eye. So why exactly is that? Baseball supposedly is against fighting, so it can't be written off as part of the culture as it is in hockey.

Is it because Michael Barrett is white and doesn't have corn rows and tattoos? It certainly makes you wonder.

Oh yeah, Barrett got 10 games for that punch as opposed to Carmelo's 15.
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