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Trevor Siemian!

you know, nobody mentioned what I want most for this whole thing. That is for Those 2 crusty old bastards George Karl and Doug Moe (especially Moe) to win a championship. Ive always loved the hell out of Moe, since I was like 6 years old, and Karl deserves a retirement ring. Its gonna be a hoot watching them coach this team now. If Martin comes back next year, and they dont have any major injury problems, they have all the talent they need to win a title.

And the great thing about this whole deal is that we now have something to REALLY keep us entertained during the offseason.

Personally, I rewarded the Nuggs by getting 3 5 game holiday packs when I usually only go to 1, maybe 2 Nuggs games per year.

Yay Denver!!!!!
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