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Tim Tebow

Yeah on the Karl angle. It's why he wanted to keep Miller rather than JR. With Miller he could still control the game, but with "the answer" at PG ..... God only knows, and he prolly has no clue as to what AI will do ... other than put it up. The RMN says they're thinking about bringing in a vet PG anyway, and moving "the answer" to SG. How they match up defensively then, I dunno. But maybe it'll be a return to English/Kiki and who needs D, but with Karl I don't think so.

Karl has wanted melo to move w/o the ball more and more, but with the lack of a no.2 guy with K-Mart being a no show, that's been on hold. Assuming "the answer" isn't at PG, they can now run set plays for melo cutting with "the answer" keeping teams from being able to just collapse and force Den to shoot from outside. "the answer" is indeed maybe the answer, cause no doubt he can shoot. We'll see whether he wants to win a championship.

Money wise it looks like Stan's making up the luxury tax with added tix sales ... he makes money on everything he does, cause if a move doesn't make money, he doesn't make the move. It's tenatively a two year deal to win a champrionship. After 'the answer's" contract is up after next season, Stan'll have to rethink.

heck of a trade. Miller's a decent PG, but Smith is .... old. And the two no1 picks are late ones. Besides Miller all Den gave up was money, and they don't lack that.
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