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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
I really liked his take on the trade today. Somebody asks him if AI will help the nuggets win a championship. He says no, because Dallas, Phoenix, and San Antonio play in the West.

I agree that one of those teams probably win it, but by Steven A's logic, I guess you shouldn't be making moves or trying to improve at all, because Dallas, Phoenix, and SA have it already.

And the thing is this -- If you want to make the argument that AI won't fit, or egos will collide, or something like that, that is fine. But saying that the move doesn't help at all simply because of the other teams in the conference is stupid. I guess the rest of the West should just give up and go home.

It was probably the most asinine thing I've ever heard.
Well he might have been really insightful by meaning to trade for young talent, expiring contracts, and draft picks and wait out the current elite teams as TD, Nash, and Nowitzki start winding down and Melo (among others) start hitting their prime...

But I doubt it, and he was actually just being a loudmouth.
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