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Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller View Post
Your hockey comparison is terrible and you sound like someone who knows very little about the sport besides the fighting aspect. Basketball wouldn't be considered a league full of thugs (and I'm not saying it is) if guys squared off on a regular basis and it was an accepted part of the game, i.e. no suspensions when there is a fight. That's where your hockey comparison is so weak. It's a part of the game. Guys aren't automatically suspended just because they dropped their gloves like they are in basketball. That has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with what is an accepted part of each sport.
I played hockey 3 years thanks anyways.

My point...that Rhymes actually makes far better...

Is why the hand wringing over a couple knuckleheads that happen to play basketball??

Fine hockey is some altar of the gods...whatever.

Baseball has just as involved "melee's" as anything we've seen in the NBA but you don't have media or talking heads, or message board posts proclaiming the Cubs or Yanks or whoever as a bunch of thugs for it. I don't see any Chicago Thuggs posts.

But whatever. I clearly hit a nerve about hockey. I apologize I guess. I still think the microscope on the "thuggishness" of the NBA is racially fueled.
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