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Champ Bailey

Originally Posted by Master___Pain View Post
This 15 game suspension is a ****ing joke.....

****ing Isiah....

BTW, Kobe got one game for the above fight and Childs got two.
Childs got two because he jacked Bryant's jaw.

I followed a couple of links off of that one to other Bryant fights, and he always loses. Someone always makes him look like a girl, including REGGIE MILLER!

That's right...Reggie Miller punked Bryant.

I guess that Bryant can get away with drilling Mike Miller in the throat with a cheapshot elbow, but when he has to face up to someone, he gets done in.

Here's the list as far as I know it, feel free to add.

Players who have punked Kobe Bryant:
Reggie Miller
Chris Childs
Raja Bell
Josh Howard

anyone else?

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