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Originally Posted by bronco_diesel View Post
well, clearly the nba standard is not set by what other sports consider allowable. i've seen this argument before - it doesn't have much merit.

stern is obviously setting a tone that in the nba (notice, no nfl, nhl, etc.) these actions are unacceptable.

the suspensions and fines can be called in to question - but not against another sport. that's silly.
My point isn't about the fines or suspensions. They are clearly warranted if more draconian than most precedent.

Every league has their own standards. My point is the double standard that appears to exist when NBA players get involved in an altercation. I don't care what Stern does, as that is his wont, Player's association grievances notwithstanding. It's the strange doublespeak that occurs where the NBA is full of thugs, but baseball can clear benches and hockey can have a fight every night.

Are the Cubs/White Sox thugs for their altercation? Or how about every hockey team at least once this year?
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