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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by wolf754life View Post

Carmelo got his today, and rightfully so! You don't sucker punch and then run away into the lockeroom like he did.

15 games, 10 for JR.

"I was very disappointed," Stern said. "Clearly, we're not getting through or players in certain circumstances just don't want to be restrained. I would suggest that those players will not have long careers in the NBA."

Wheres Gonzo to defend this? He will probably call me a racist for bringing this up.

Scott and Al at 1 should be interesting on 950

they have live streaming.

When my kid grows up I want him to be just like Carmelo
Nothing like gloating over something that a good portion of this board is pretty worked up over.

Go play with your Broncos inside source.
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