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John Mobley

Originally Posted by GonzoLays View Post
But you know who is partially to blame for all this ****? George Karl. If he wasn't trying to defend the 'honor' of Larry Brown, he never would have kept Carmelo, Camby and Smith in the game after the outcome was decided.

What Brown had with Isiah has nothing to do with Karl. Yea, Isiah fired him Larry Brown, but that has nothing to do with George. He let some outside issue effect the way he was coaching and came back in the ass to bite him. Stupidity. Any other game, Carmelo and the rest of the starters would have been on the bench drinking some Gatoraid but George let his emotions get the best of him.

Now isn't his a hoot? Isiah has managed to **** over seasons for both Karl and Brown. I bet you those two guys are freaking steaming right now. Karl tried to get Isiah back for Brown, and Isiah ****ed Karl's season. hahahah
Oh please, nothing worse than someone who tries to make an excuse for their behavior. So what if they were running up the score? That makes it ok? The only thing unjust is that Robinson didn't get the same amount of games and that Thomas got nothing.
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