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Originally Posted by bfoflcommish View Post
This post right here shows me you know more about someone like Brad Pitt personally more than you know about Steve Tensi13 personally, even though you had almost daily postings with him.
Oh well, I guess it's nice to think you know more than you really do.
Ah, so you know the bigot and racist known as Tensi personally and can attest to his character. Should have known once you started defending him.

Originally Posted by ThyNatural View Post
Carmelo Anthony is a b****, straight up. He went around an assistant coach trying to break it up and threw the punch, it wasnt like he was in the guys face. If the guy was selling woof tickets then fight the guy, don't sucker punch the guy and then run off. If you're man enough to throw the punch, then be man enough to go toe-to-toe.

Melo just opened up a youth center, what is he teaching those kids, that it's ok to act like a thug? I hope Stern lays the law down on his punk ass.
15 games for him. Maybe we can get a real role model in here like Iverson now.
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