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Isiah Thomas is the trickiest call of the bunch, and a lot will depend on what he tells Jackson -- and what Anthony tells Jackson -- over the phone. Anthony says Thomas, who was angry that the Nuggets were still playing four starters despite being up 19 with under 2 minutes left, told him a minute or so before the brawl that he should stay out of the paint -- pretty much a warning that a hard foul was coming. That would make Thomas culpable for helping incite the brawl, and instigators never get off lightly with Stu and his boss, David Stern. Prediction: 3 games.

Isiah Thomas is an idiot. Earlier in the game he's whining about the number of fouls. Like they are supposed to be 50/50 instead of called as happened. Then he decided Karl can't have his starters on the floor (Even though the Nuggets lost in a big comeback to the Knicks earlier this season I guess they are to be afforded the same opportunity by putting in the scrubs). Then he verbally warns a Denver player - Don't go into the paint.

There is something seriously wrong with that guy. Of course everyone wants this to be about Melo's punch. Let's all make sure Melo takes responsibility.
It was a stupid thing to do and he'll pay the price.

Too bad that won't extend to a coach whose judgement is unbelievably impaired.
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