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Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
Interesting that Reggie only played five minutes despite the nugs getting abused by Jefferson. Makes me wonder if he is involved in the trade, considering that Portland doesn't want Nene. I'm beginning to think that JR Smith is the one that everybody wants, but hopefully they will take Boykins.
I think from what I've read the Blazers want Nene but are worried about his knee (understandalbly). The hold up may be a doctor's examination or something like that (although there would be one of those with a trade anyway). But even considering Nene's Kneeknee I think it would be a good trade for Portland if all they had to give up was Magloire.

That being said, there is no freaking way the Nuggers are getting AI for just Nene and Boykins and a couple of mid-round firsts. No freaking way. I hope I have to eat some crow on that one sometime soon, but good god, all you have to do is think about it for a second to realize how silly that sounds.
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