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Trevor Siemian!

Damnit Stan, sign ME to a 1 year-10 million dollar contract so you have your damn expiring contract to get AI. Ill go to a crappy team and eat their food and travel the country on first class jets and ride the bench so the Nugs can deliver what they have to to get AI.Hell, Ill even remingsome of The Answer. I AM 5'9, I AM 175 dripping wet, and, uhh, thats about it. But it might remind SOME of him. Except I can't shoot either.

But I would be an expiring contarct which would be all thats needed to get this deal done. Sign me Stan!!! And hell, if the Sixers start me every game Ill make damn sure they get the most lottery balls possible to get Oden. So SIGN ME NOW!!! NO DOWNSIDE TO IT!

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