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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
You are doing a terrible job when Jim Bowden owned you in a trade! I bet you weren't so happy about the Miguel Batista either.

Speaking of plate patience among young Mariners, do you think Jeremy Reed is ever going to develop as a hitter? It looks like Adam Jones (NOT THE THUG IN NASHVILLE ) has surpassed him anyways as the long-term guy in CF.
Yea Reed looked like a keeper when he first came up (I think he hit over .400 for more than a month) but then Don Baylor f'ed up his swing mechanics...turning him from a smooth, line-drive hitter into an ugly, upper-cut hacker. I'd like to see him in AAA for another year just to see if he can recover, because he's the type of hitter Seattle needs at the top of their lineup. Of course, the Seattle insiders all think that he'll get dealt to Florida for a relief arm to replace Soriano....what a wonderful cycle of HELL!

But yea, Adam Jones is a blue-chipper. Mike Cameron is his "floor," so to telling what his ceiling can be.

Miguel Batista...meh, he's better than Pineiroid. But paying market value to another 4/5 starter kinda sucks...
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