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Default WTF is the holdup with the Iverson deal?

Good grief. Why is it so damn hard to trade a basketball player? You see salary, matchup salary, take all offers, and POOOOF! basketball deal is done.

How many possible scenarios can Denver be going through at this point? There are only a handful of guys that they can trade to get this done. Why is this soooooo difficult?

According to sources, Denver is close. WTF does that mean? Are they haggling over Earl Boykins? A second round pick? What gives? You already know two principles of the deal -- Philly and Denver. If they are trying to get a third team involved to take Nene, how hard can that be? "Hello, Portland, this is Denver. We would like to offer you Nene for Jamal Magloire's expiring contract." Portland: "Sure, why the hell not?" See how ****ing simple that is?
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