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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
I agree, we have been owned by the penguins this year, i told my buddy at work that we got 4 goals against the pens he ****, started almost jumpin up an down, then i was like ummmmm bad news is they got 8, burst his bubble real fast, but i thought it was funny.

as for meeting the pens in the playoffs, 2 reasons that will not happen this year, first being if we do make the playoffs its gonna be an 8th seed thing, and there is no way the pens finish first overall, or the other option of actually winning a playoff round, and i just dont see that happening.

With all of our recent injurys makin the playoffs is looking less and less likely, pretty bad when before the new year your playin for draft picks.

I think the pens can win a 1st round matchup depending on the team. Buff or OTT no way - but i think they can hang with alot of the other teams.
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