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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
Agreed. If anything, they should have said "The 2003 draft studs." I mean, LeBron, DWade, Melo, Bosh, etc. are all underpaid when compared to what the Top 50 salaries in the NBA are.
Well they made a stab at it...but yeah any one of those four would arguably go #1 any other year. (Wade and Bosh less so)

Hell, I remember that commercial where 5 of them were waking up to hit the gym as rookies.

College hero back to zero...I believe. I think it was Wade, Bosh, Heinrich, Ford...and someone else.

Either way...that's the 2nd tier (at least at the time)...

I mean we had a once in a decade draft just then and they can only bring LeBron into it?

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