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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
It's a certainly a mind boggling trade given the Mariners already have a young stud at 2B in Jose Lopez. I have admired what Vidro has done over his career, but relying on him as an everyday option at DH is not going to help the Mariners offense.

I don't see how trading Beltre, moving Lopez to 3B and inserting Vidro at 2B is going to make the Mariners better, either.

Snelling is definitely a productive player who you love to pull for because he goes all out, but I am suprised you hadn't given up on him WAB after all the injury woes.
He's just too good to give up on. He was the only player (basically in the entire system) with a lick of patience at the plate. He looked like a young, LH Edgar Martinez...I mean his plate approach is perfect. Plus he's above average as a corner OF'er and he's got a solid arm. When he returned to the line-up (both in '04 and '05), it was clear how much he improved the order...he was like a flickering light in the hell-storm of ineptitude that was the Seattle Mariners. He could even be classified as a cult-hero...

I'll admit, for the Seattle fans that detest this trade, it's easy to look past the injury concerns of Snelling. The trade in itself is just horrible though...a top young hitter and a high-ceiling bullpen arm for an aging, injury-prone, declining middle infielder (who can't play there effectively anymore). Add in the fact that we took on 3/4 of his remaining contract and added on a 9 mil option at the end. All this for a guy who's had a <.800 OPS over the last few years. And the plan is for him to play at DH, fulltime. We'll probably deal Ben Broussard away for a relief arm, but that doesn't really change much.

If healthy (which, admittedly, is a big "if"), Snelling is flat-out better as a DH. He's cheaper, younger, and he can play both corners.

For Bill Bavasi's sake, I hope these trades workout...
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