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Originally Posted by ApaOps5 View Post
Nene contract was Dah UMB. Another billiant move by wonder boy Kiki. Same guy who was rumored to want Darko OVER Melo and James.
That wasn't Kiki. That was the current FO...or at least an interim team.

We know Kiki's weaknesses, but let's not forget how utterly crappy the Nuggs were before he started the moves.

Half of it is an owner willing to spend, but he made good moves to help the Nuggets get relevant again.

Originally Posted by GonzoLays View Post
That's the thing, Kroenke has been trading away draft picks to avoid paying the luxury tax forever. Have no doubt of this.

But with Iverson, Kroenke has to say hello to the luxury tax for the next three years AT LEAST. Thats a HUGE move for him. Huge.

He goes from making money, to losing money. The Nuggs might be the object of his affection, but everybody has a breaking point. I seriously doubt he wants to take money out of his own pocket to watch the Nuggs for the next three years.

He goes to PAYING more money. We don't know Nuggets finances, so we can't tell if he'd be in the red. But having possibly 2 near locks for the All-star game for the next 2-3 years can't hurt the bottom line.

Or what a championship might do.

It's out of character, but we'll see.

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