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Originally Posted by GonzoLays View Post
If you don't land AI, you can blame Nene's dumb ass.

That might the dumbest signing I have ever seen. 6 years, 60 million for a guy who was coming off knee surgery, has never averaged more than 11 pts or 6 rebounds in a season, and there was no market for him.
I have to agree. At the time, they justified it by saying they wanted it done quickly before the market moved and they might have to pay even MORE.

I guess they saw what Curry and Chandler got.

Say hello to Gooden and Wilcox...

An 27+ million dollar contract over 3 years would be infinitely more moveable for a 24 year old big, even with the knee surgery. Not easy, but moveable.

I think they listened to the wrong "insiders" or had people knew they were bugged and were feeding us crap.
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