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Originally Posted by GonzoLays View Post
Let's say that was the deal. Joe Smith, Najera, Boykins and two first round draft picks. Next season, the Nuggets would have 73 million dollars tied up between six players. That means Kroenke is going have a payroll hovering around 85 million dollars next season. An increase of around 22 million in salary from this season + 17 million in luxury tax expenses.

So in the end, if that is deal, Kroenke is going to hand over 40(!) million more dollars then he would normally had he not acquired Allen Iverson.

Is Allen Iverson worth 40 million dollars a year? That's a lot of pepsi and cotton candy if you ask me.

No doubt. That is a win now move. It doesn't exactly hamstring us, though I don't necessarily like giving up BOTH picks (smacks too much of the bad Kiki, good Kiki GOT us picks)

I mean we'll have 6 big contracts, but Camby's will be winding down, and we know Melo will be worth it. We have to HOPE K-mart can come back to at least be serviceable and that Nene will develop into a (by the West's standards) good F/C. I see AI being great to tailing off to merely good during the life of his contract.

The only thing weird is that Andre is the odd man out. I mean AI will want the ball, though Andre is good in getting our front court easy baskets. But what do you do with him? Dre isn't a spark off the bench and he can't play with AI.

And JR is just going to get more and more minutes (assuming his minutes are the ones that AI takes). He'll take some back over the years and Dre will become even more marginalized.

Oh well...maybe in 2 years we trade Dre's expiring contract along with K-mart (who will bounce back hopefully) for another disgruntled superstar...right around when AI will have lost a step.
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