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Originally Posted by rubaiyat View Post
Joe Smith, Najera, Boykins all, depending on how they work their contracts are expiring.

6.8+4.6+3.0 = 14.4 million

Which is 2.8 million short of AI, and works (easily actually) under the current CBA.

Don't know why they'd go for anything like that, but there is an answer.
Let's say that was the deal. Joe Smith, Najera, Boykins and two first round draft picks. Next season, the Nuggets would have 73 million dollars tied up between six players. That means Kroenke is going have a payroll hovering around 85 million dollars next season. An increase of around 22 million in salary from this season + 17 million in luxury tax expenses.

So in the end, if that is deal, Kroenke is going to hand over 40(!) million more dollars then he would normally had he not acquired Allen Iverson.

Is Allen Iverson worth 40 million dollars a year? That's a lot of pepsi and cotton candy if you ask me.
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