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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
How could they make the salaries match up without at least one of them being involved? I seriously doubt they're offering up Camby as it wouldn't make sense to lose him for the sake of keeping Miller.
Joe Smith, Najera, Boykins all, depending on how they work their contracts are expiring.

6.8+4.6+3.0 = 14.4 million

Which is 2.8 million short of AI, and works (easily actually) under the current CBA.

Don't know why they'd go for anything like that, but there is an answer.

Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
If we let go of Camby, that would show a huge faith in Nene to not only be healthy, but that he'll pan out.

Interesting times, that's for sure...

But here's a what-if for you:
Starting lineup, 2007:
That might be it later in the season, but I honestly don't see K-mart being anything more than MAYBE a figure head starter (perhaps technically starting, but not gettin the majority of the minutes) next year.

He'll be coming off one year of rehab on a second microfractured knee. It took a guy half a decade younger more than a year to get back into form from just one such surgery.

Perhaps by midseason he'll be ready to hang with West Power Forwards, but if the FO has learned anything from this debacle is to make sure your players are fit to play (Karl's personal idiosyncracies notwithstanding).

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