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Chad Kelly

Here is the insider's post at the Sixer's board. He says Iverson to Denver.

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There is light at the end of the tunnel...its almost over.

Miami's late interest is postering by Pat Riley to get someone to overpay for AI..or at least pay more than they are currently offering.

Minny has been the most active caller this morning..trying to get a three way together before its too late but its not one wants their bad contracts.

Chad Ford was dead on in his chat today when he said that Portland and Charlotte are the third teams in most scenarios that are concocted. Almost every scenario the Sixers are picking thru this morning has one or both of them involved.(Dallas the other team mentioned as third party) Sixers would be getting Magliore and/or Brevin Knight in most of these scenarios.

Denver even has floated some offers involved that include TWO first round picks.

The following teams are all out of the running for AI:

Which team.....the soon to be winner of the AI race...the Denver Nuggets. The details are not finalized.....and may change in several variations that are being discussed......both 2 and multi team trades...but your winner is the DENVER NUGGETS, barring a last minute breakdown.

I was told a trade of AI to the Nuggets WILL happen by end of day tomorrow.

The variations.....could be a combination of the below..but this is what I was told is involved.(could be some or all...lots of variables right now)

1 to 2 first round picks.
Joe Smith and/or Eduardo Najera
Andre Miller or Brevin Knight
1 of Magliore,Croshere or some other expiring contract(still trying to find Nene 3-way opportunities)

Some, but not the front burner variations, include Samuel Dalembert.

None of the variations include Camby,JR Smith or Kenyon Martin.

I will take 5 minutes of questions...before I have to run for now.
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