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O4L we have been going over this trade for a few days now. I guess someone inside the organization has posted every Nugget move this year before it happened and has said this will happen soon. With what he says the Nuggs are giving up I am all for this.

Also the supposed trade that Mike Evans keeps touting is supposedly wrong. Its not JR Smith its Joe Smith that is going. If the Nuggs were going to trade JR Smith they would have done it weeks ago to the Clippers for Corey Maggette. Nene is involved but Giant Heat Mike Evans keeps saying its Camby. Whispers are Nene, Najera, and Joe Smith and the first round picks are going to Phily for AI. I have also read Miller/boykins is involved. Supposedly Phily would then take Nene and ship him off to Portland for their center as they are looking for expiring contracts to make cap space.

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