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M. Salah

Originally Posted by ApaOps5 View Post
Good point. I am still worried about the ego thing too. Yeah Melo developed a repore with AI at the Olympics but how will things end up on an everyday basis? Also how will Karl and AI interact with his practice philosiphy? Its worth the try but I do have that worry in my gut.
I'm not worried about the ego thing at all, and here's why:

Greg Anthony made a very interesting point on SportsCenter tonight. He stated that when you look at championship teams, look at the 2nd leading scorer on the team. More often than not, they're a Hall of Fame player. Point is, people call AI selfish, but who is he supposed to defer to on the 6ers? Is he supposed to trust Korver or AI2? AI2 is a nice player and an up-and-comer, but would you trust him to carry a team? Probably not. Nobody can score on that team, not like AI.

I do believe AI would trust Carmelo enough to share. Stats don't lie, both these guys are at the top of the league's scoring. Carmelo can play ball.

Of course, when you get into pressure situations, game winning shots, etc, both guys will want the ball. But I think in a normal game situation, both will be fine.

Plus, with the way Karl wants to get quick shots, up and down the court, etc, that leaves a lot of possessions for everybody to touch the ball.

I also think that while you can say what you want about AI off the court, he does love the game and wants to win, so it's his best interest to play nice. And go to practice sometimes.
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