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Allen Iverson

Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
From what I've heard from the same source that Nuggs cited earlier, Boston has offered the best package (he didn't name names) but the 76ers are petrified by the idea of trading Iverson to a division rival.

I know, it seems silly to pass up the best deal on the table for that reason, but that appears to be the case.
That's because he's an NBA GM. Seriously, they are the worst GM's in all of sports.

Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
Holy Crap.

If we get him for Nene and two firsts I'm all for it.

Then possibly we could trade Miller for a SF.
If we have AI, JR and Melo, we're going to need SOMEONE who doesn't need to jack up shots. Trading Dre would be pretty damn foolish IMO. ASSUMING that it's Nene, Najera and Joe Smith (with picks) for AI and Ollie, this gives us two possibilities for lineups.

# AI, Dre, Midget, Ollie
# JR, Yakouba
# Melo, Kleiza
# Evans, KMart*
# Camby, Sampson


# Dre, Ollie
# AI, Midget
# JR, Yakouba
# Melo, Kleiza, KMart*
# Camby, Evans

* = injured with strained vagina

One thing's for sure, all of a sudden we're thin up front. I'd LOVE it if we could deal the midget instead of Eddie, but I'm not sure if that would happen. Hopefully Earl's out of town one way or another.

Oh, and because I like watching the panic here, the "insider" just posted that if Portland approves the deal in the morning (they're the third team), AI will be a Nugget by the afternoon.
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