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Originally Posted by ApaOps5 View Post
Why Philly would trade AI to Boston is beyond me. Looks like they are not to keen either so at least that says something. I mean that would be like us trading Champ Bailey to Kansas City. Just makes no sense.

Basketball is a little different from football. There rivalries are not as heated. No one on the Boston Celtics' board has a sig that says "Philly sucks" or no one even starts a thread thats says "Philly lost again! ya-hoo." Same for the Philly board. I think the reason being is because there are 82 games a year and we only play Philly like 6 times. Too many games played to hate another team. Besides, eight teams in the NBA make the playoffs so division crowns aren't that big of deal. And remember, Toronto traded VC to New Jersey and we all play in the Atlantic.
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