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Originally Posted by GonzoLays View Post
See, and that is just stupidity. Plain stupidity. The Sixers KNOW THEY ARE GOING TO SUCK FOR THE NEXT TWO SEASONS, who gives a flying **** what Iverson does? He is traded. He is no longer a Sixer, does it really matter if plays in Seattle or Boston? He has nothing to do with the Sixers anymore. It is not as if the Sixers are going to challenge the Celtics for the Atlantic Division crown in the next three years.

Good grief. I know we have the best deal on the table.
Exactly. So if you're going to suck ass for two years and be frontrunners in the Greg Oden & OJ Mayo sweepstakes', why would you give a rip what Boston does during that time? By the time the 76ers are ready to be competitive again, Iverson will either be well past his prime or retired.
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