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Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
Alright look Jennings is not a top-flight starter in the MLB and you guys got two good if not great pitching prospects and Taveras. Hirsh is an elite pitching prospect and Buchholz is a solid prospect. Plus you got a solid young CF in Taveras. To top it all off Jennings is going to be a Free agent next year. Astros got FLEECED IMO.
Yea and it's not even close, IMO. Jennings is a middle-of-the-rotation guy who's future asking price will undoubtedly be more than he is worth.

Hirsh is Houston's top prospect. Bucholz is a solid youngster with ML experience. Taveras is probably an upgrade over what COL currently has.

Disagree with the idea or purpose for the trade all you want, but the fact is the Rox aren't exactly a cash-cow franchise (right?). They just spun a no. 3 starter for a no. 1 pitching prospect, another solid pitching prospect, and a CF'er who's probably going to start immediately. All those players are still years away from arby and will all be making pennies.

I can understand the dislike towards the ownership for BS'ing their fanbase--it's the same way up here in Seattle--but this trade, in isolation, is simply excellent.
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