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Originally Posted by GonzoLays View Post
All you nuggets fans dont' get me wrong right now. I'm just hating because I want Iverson on the Celtics. That's it. I'm a hater. If you land Iverson for Nene, I might jump off a roof because I know we have the better offer but since we play in the same division as Philly, they really don't want to deal with us.

AARRGGH. I have wasted my whole day waiting for this trade.
Oh I can see your excitement about this and all. I was just pointing out why King would consider something so one sided. I was watching the post game on Altitude and they are saying they have no clue where he is going and Bill Hanzlik is saying that a straight trade for Tracy McGrady is what he thinks makes most sense. I wonder how much they know on the inside though. Again I am trying to hold back.
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