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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
Food for thought:

I can't remember who the 76ers play at the SF spot, but I know they play Dalembert at Center. If they had Nene at PF and somebody at least serviceable at SF, that would actually be a hell of a frontcourt. I don't want to talk up Dalembert or Nene and make them better than what they are, but who does the East have for big guys? You can probably count them on your fingers.

Ben Wallace, Jermaine O'Neal, Shaq, Chris Bosh, Iglauskas. And Shaq ain't even really Shaq anymore. Jermaine O'Neal has been hurt, and Ben Wallace doesn't know the meaning of the word offense. I hesitate to add Rasheed to that list. He's good, but he's still mainly a jump shooter from what I've seen.

My point is, you put together some guys with size, with AI2, and you might actually have the makings of a good team. I didn't even add Eddy Curry to that list, because even though he's been playing well lately, it might just be due to lack of talent in the East.

And assume they continue to suck and win the Greg Oden sweepstakes. They can take him and move Dalembert, or stick with Dalembert and move Oden for a good package.

Again, I'm not saying the combo of Nene & Dalembert will set the league on fire, and I'm not trying to make those two guys more than what they are. But in the East, if you get some size you can make a run in that conference.

I guess my point is, I could see why they would potentially want Nene, even with his contract.

Edit: I can't believe I forgot the Manchild Dwight Howard. But my point is, the East still ain't that deep at PF or C.

Ashton Kucher I think...aka Korver.
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