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Pat Bowlen

I hate this trade and I don't hate this trade.

I hate it for what it represents. It wasn't made to improve the team. It was made to save money. They have no credibility. They didn't have much, mind you. Now they have none.

I like the trade because it plugs a few holes that they team had. Taveras isn't going to make anyone forget about Willie Mays, but at least he can make some noise when he gets on base. Interesting that he is a Scott Boras client - so best case is that he plays well for us for a year or two and leaves for greener pastures.

I really like Hirsh. He's been the Astros best prospect, and he's had good control - he'll need it in Colorado. He just got his feet wet in the majors in 2006. The thing that worries me a bit is that he gave up a few too many home runs last year.

Don't know too much about Buchholz. I assume he'll be in the bullpen.

On a side note, did anyone see Kreiger's column about Monfort in Saturday's RMN? Monfort sounded like a petulant child. "These guys have no loyalty! We're such good people - they should take less to be around us!" He said that the Rockies would settle into a permanent salary level of about $70 million. He also said that this would be Hurdle and O'Dowd's last year if the team didn't perform - although he didn't really define the word "perform."

I wish I was a fan of the Yankees, or even the Mets. It sucks liking a team that is probably never going to do much winning.
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