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Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
Alright look Jennings is not a top-flight starter in the MLB and you guys got two good if not great pitching prospects and Taveras. Hirsh is an elite pitching prospect and Buchholz is a solid prospect. Plus you got a solid young CF in Taveras. To top it all off Jennings is going to be a Free agent next year. Astros got FLEECED IMO.
You're missing the point.

The Rockies, with all of their "Gen-R" bull****, have trying to sell the fans on the idea that they're building from within. The fans accepted this and have dealt with the bad to mediocre times that have come with it. Now that some of the homegrown talent is blossoming at the major league level, they're peddling them off for more prospects because they don't want to pay them. What do you think will happen if any of these kids they got in this deal turn out to be legit major leaguers? They'll turn around and deal them for more prospects to avoid having to pay them either, thus becoming nothing more than a farm team for the teams who do care about winning while sitting back and collecting fat revenue sharing checks from MLB.

It's a business to the Monforts, nothing more. Winning is not even a consideration to these people, turning a profit is. So long as they can draw 20,000 paid per night and collect welfare from the league, they have no need to put a winning product on the field. They're lining their pockets at the expense of a fanbase who've been plenty patient with them already.

I can't wait to see the spin piece from Tracy Ringolsby in which he tells us how this is such a great deal and how trading Jennings was absolutely necessary.

The Monforts are a ****ing joke.
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