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Originally Posted by Pendejo View Post
Crawford had a pretty talented team in Vancouver, and didn't do anything with it. He's a hack. Oh long as kings fans are happy with him...that's all that matters.
Crawford didn't start with a talented team in Van. Crow is the second youngest coach to reach 400 wins second to Scotty Bowman, and I can rattle off more things about Crow coaching stats if I wanted to. Fact of the matter is that the entire Kings organization has been rebuilt from the Front office to the equipment manager. Things aren't going to click overnight. Once the Kings bring up the talent from the minors and junior leagues then things will move forward. We have Tukonen, Jack Johnson, Johnathan Bernier, Brian Boyle, Joe Ryan, 0'Sullivan, and Petiot. Not to mention Brown, Cammalleri, Frolov, and Kopitar are all young players playing everyday for the Kings. I suspect the next year or two things will start moving quickly.
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