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Sad news out of Boston:

Source: Bruins' Kessel Diagnosed With Cancer

Steve Burton

(CBS4) BOSTON CBS4 has learned for the second time in recent months, another young athlete is in a major medical fight. The Boston Bruins' first-round pick Phil Kessel has testicular cancer.

Sources say Kessel is currently at Mass. General Hospital and was due to undergo surgery.

Kessel is said to be in good spirits. He was the Bruins' number one pick and fifth overall in the NHL.

Testicular cancer usually occurs in young men and can be treated and often cured, according to the American Cancer Society.

Each year, about 8,000 men are diagnosed. This is one of the most curable forms of cancer.

A man's risk of getting this cancer in his lifetime is about one in 300, according to specialists.

Another Boston athlete, Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester, was also diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. He is currently in remission from Lymphoma and is expected to be at spring training in February.

Get well soon Phil!
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