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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
The reports are conflicting from the Nuggets. George Karl says the Nuggets won't be trading for him, but Stan Kroenke says they're interested. Who knows?

I'm starting to think that Iverson may end up staying in the Eastern Conference after all. Plenty can (and likely will) happen between now and when he's actually dealt, but it looks like there's plenty more interest out east than in the west.

Yep. Cuban shot down the rumors before the Mavs/Nuggs tilt tonight with something to this effect: "We arent trading Devin Harris...and we arent interested in Iverson.

Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago have the assets to get it done.

I honestly dont see who would want to take him on for that gargantuan contract. He's 31, and he'll be reupping in a couple of years.
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