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Champ Bailey

Iverson wont be going to Minny:

Taylor Says Iverson Won't Come To Minnesota9th December, 2006 - 11:48 am
Pioneer Press -
Just because Kevin Garnett made a public plea for Minnesota to acquire Allen Iverson, doesn't mean it will happen.

"No trade," owner Glen Taylor said during the Wolves' 110-103 victory over Utah on Friday night at Target Center. "It isn't that I don't like him. Just money-wise, it wouldn't work out."

Jim Gray, reporter for ESPN, announced on the air that Iverson told him in a telephone interview Friday that he was heading to Minnesota. He came back on the air soon after to say that he had been "duped," admitting, "I was talking to an imposter."

Unfortunately, the word is that Cuban is a fan of Iverson's and that Iverson could be coming to Dallas. Ironically, the three players that have been mentioned in a package for Iverson didnt play tonight: Stackhouse, Anthony Johnson, and Croshere. Stack and Cro didnt even dress. Crikey.
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