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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Well, we are back above .500 with the 4-3 win at Atlanta in OT.

Crosby was really dominating again tonight. Had a goal and an assist but could have had a 4 point night easy. He is now at 39 and has drawn to within 3 points of Hossa for the league lead. If he didnt miss 3 games with that groin injury, he would be the league leader right now in points, no doubt. If he doesnt miss any more time this season, I'd say, given his PPG average advantage over his rivals, he has to be the favorite for the Art Ross. He'll prolly overtake Hossa in about a week or two tops and will be atop the chart for the rest of the year. I really want him to win that Art Ross.

Malkin also was huge tonight, with a goal and 2 assists after getting called out (sorta) by Coach Therrien.

Did you see that list i posted on the 3.0 thread, sid gets a point every 13.5 minutes which is second in the league.
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