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Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
That's the thing that makes me sick. These SOBs are taking in over $10 million a year for having run this franchise into the ground. It should make owners who contribute sick, too - although more offensive to them is how much they have to pay to keep the commissioner's family team in business.

We were drawing 4 million+ fans a year. You almost have to try to screw that up. I appreciate the fact that they once spent money (Neagle, Hampton). But it's not fair to fans for them to permanently throw it into the crapper, just because they had a foolhardy, flawed strategy five years ago.
They pocketed $16 million last year from revenue sharing and not a dime of that will be spent to improve the team.

Other owners may not like the fact that they're pocketing that cash, but the trade off is that the Rockies are basically content to be a farm club for the rest of MLB. They'll draft players, develop them and when the time comes to pay them, they'll send them off to the teams who are willing to spend money....the same ones who're shoving revenue sharing dollars into the Monforts pockets.

When the Rockies truly become that, a farm club for the rest of the league, that's when I give up on them for good. I can stick by bad teams, but I refuse to stick by an organization that has no interest in winning.
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