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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
Of course, and we'll get a column from Tracy Ringolsby about what a great move it was.

Might as well get used to this, it's gonna be pretty much the way it goes when the time comes for all of the Rockies homegrown players to get paid. Holliday (they've got the built in Boras excuse with him), Atkins, Francis, Cook will all either be dealt or lost for no compensation because this ownership is content to field a substandard product and collect welfare checks (they prefer the term revenue sharing) from the league.

Same old, same old.
That's the thing that makes me sick. These SOBs are taking in over $10 million a year for having run this franchise into the ground. It should make owners who contribute sick, too - although more offensive to them is how much they have to pay to keep the commissioner's family team in business.

We were drawing 4 million+ fans a year. You almost have to try to screw that up. I appreciate the fact that they once spent money (Neagle, Hampton). But it's not fair to fans for them to permanently throw it into the crapper, just because they had a foolhardy, flawed strategy five years ago.
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