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Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
Yeah, there's just no reason to. I suppose some people might fall in love with the city and the mountains (Or the school system, in Mike Hamton's case - I loved giving Mets fans a hard time over that one when we signed him. It so pissed them off, because they felt it was so disingenuous. Little did we know how much better it would have been if he had just signed there). Otherwise, most of these guys grew up elsewhere, so Colorado isn't much more than a stopover point for them. It's not like they would play here for less to be part of a winning tradition - what a joke that is! And despite the humidor, it's still perceived as a bad place to pitch, so that is actually working against the hometown discount concept. And we can't even boast playing in front of sold out stadiums anymore.

Nice job, Monforts.

I can't wait for the spin when they dump him. There has been a tiny little speck of credibility in their "grow from within" concept, because you could see the young kids improving. They lost some of that credibility when they traded Shawn Chacon (not just a kid that came up through the system - but a truly local kid, to boot) - but that trade turned out okay in the long run, so a lot of us sort of forgot about it. If they dump Jennings, they have done the very thing they said they wouldn't do.

-Young arm that comes up through the system - check.
-Fearless psyche that seems tailor-made for Coors Field - check.
-Pitcher that eats up innings every year (and protects the bullpen) - check.
-Pitcher that avoids prolonged slumps, at least to this point in his career - check.

-Oh, and the last one: Ownership that is over their head in trying to compete financially on the MLB playing field - check.

I wish there was something other than baseball to follow during the summer. This organization just depresses me.
Of course, and we'll get a column from Tracy Ringolsby about what a great move it was.

Might as well get used to this, it's gonna be pretty much the way it goes when the time comes for all of the Rockies homegrown players to get paid. Holliday (they've got the built in Boras excuse with him), Atkins, Francis, Cook will all either be dealt or lost for no compensation because this ownership is content to field a substandard product and collect welfare checks (they prefer the term revenue sharing) from the league.

Same old, same old.
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