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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Penguins are in Eastern league. Very few here arent worried except the Capital fans. We already had Penguins and they were tasty. BTW: Another tasty victory on the road for the Ducks. Giguere 1 goal 23 shots
Getzlap again with winning goal.
I don't think the pens can beat the sens or sabers come playoff time. But beyond that i don't think there is a team in the east my pens couldn't give a headache to.

now they need some more help on W and on the blueline - but really - we don't have as complete a team as alot of other teams. We are relying on 'star power'.

Guys like Eaton (FU Cheechoooooo, i guess this is karma for eric cole) - D. Moore, etc - have really helped - but next year, year after is when the pens make some noise.

Malkin will not be a rook, and neither will Staal - if we can upgrade a few W positions and a few D holes, the pens are a cup contender IMO.
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