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Champ Bailey

Man, you got somekind of obsession with NBA marketing.
It's marketed to 12 year olds, but adults still sop up the syrup too. I guess that my frustration concerns the willingful ignorance of adult NBA customers. I can understand the NBA's push to make some coin. That's just business. On the other hand, you have sportswriters and media members that willingly play along to secure their own interests.

And what exactly are you doing watching the NBA anyway? You swore off the devil last year.
Yeah, I know. I have been sucked in by the Mark Cuban v. David Stern aspect of things this season. It's like watching an empowered superfan take on the conglomerate. Fascinating stuff. The Mavs/Spurs series is entertaining too. It's Lakers/Celtics stuff.

Im not watching as much as I have in the past though. I have been doing quite a bit of reading in my free time.

Unfortunately the only satisfaction I will have in any NBA occurrences this season will involve Stern aknowledging what a crook he is and how far down the tubes he has taken the NBA during his tenure. I know that that isnt happening any time soon, but I can hope that Cuban eventually costs him his job.
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