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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
What a spinorama pass by Crosby to Moore for the goal.

That's one for the highlight reel.
your kidding right ? the puck hit the defenders skates and then bounced to moore, the idea was right but he was lucky that it worked. If it didnt hit the defenders skates it would have been 10 feet behind him.

Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
Malkin gets robbed of this 10th goal because Hatcher "accidentally" knocked the net off the moorings right before the puck went in. What a joke.
gimmie a break dood hatcher (the big dumb pylon) was looking at the other side of the arena when he skated into the net, no way this was done on purpose, i just dont think hes smart enough. Besides if the net wasnt forward 4 inches that shot goes wide of the net, the only reason it was in was because it got caught in the net that was out of position.

Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
3-0 Pens after the first period.

Man, they have just owned the Flyers this season.
good, all they have to do is own them for the next 9 years to get back to an almost 500 record.

Flyers vs Pens Record: 125 W - 69 L - 30 T ( 828 GF - 673 GA )

sorry bout crappin on your thread doood im just pissed off that the flyers suck so much, you won the game, its not like ya beat a good team or anything, hell i played on minor league teams that would beat the flyers this year.

congrats on the win, but i still think by the end of the year the flyers will have more points then the pens.

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