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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
Agreed here. Obviously hindsight is 20/20, but at the time IMO it was a good move, because the team was getting better and they wanted to make a big move to keep that going. Plus, Ginobli wasn't having it, who I believe was the target.

I don't blame them for the K-Mart acquisition. I do blame them for trading Jameer Nelson and Jarrett Jack.
Yeah. I had some reservations at the time. An Eastern PF has to be looked at twice given the monsters he'll be facing in the West. Especially one known to be fiery (and thus tempermental), and known for defensive intensity.

That and the money.

Though people might disagree, I feel max money should be reserved for the #1 starters, the QB's, etc.

Gamechangers, not just really good players.

But yeah the Nuggets were kinda in a corner and Kiki, from his experience with K-mart, probably thought it wasn't too bad a gamble.

We will see. 1.5 years lost to injury. 1st year hobbling on deteriorating knees. Likely another 1.5 years of playing into shape/mentally trusting the knees.

And he will most likely never be the same...he'll be pushing 30 on two bad knees.

We couldn't GIVE him away...
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