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Sluggo rarely makes a comment that doesn't include stupidity or an insult.

I never Booed, I would cuss like a crazed animal tho. C'mon you dumbasses might of come out a few times.

I can't say I give a rats ass if you don't go to any more games. And you call yourself a fan by not showing up? That's more pathetic than a boo.

The stands would be better off without you. Stay away and give your tickets to someone who cares, and isn't a whining dimwit.

Your politics are idiotic, your logic is idiot and your generally are a total idiot. People have the right to boo when the team is stinking it up. I never boo...but they have that right...they bought that right.

STFU. They watched the team suck eggs when it was in the bag and suffered thru it. Of course they were pissed. This whole board is pissed right now to have gold fall thru their fingers.
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