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Allen Iverson

My post from another board on the game:

I hope Steve Javie burns in hell for eternity.

First off, let me claim that Melo under the new rules deserved to be kicked out. Not sure what he did for the first technical, but he got two, so he's gone. One thing that needs to be pointed out is that Melo's ritual is to throw his headband like that when he's leaving the court. He obviously needs to stop that, but whatever, it's done. All of that said, HOW THE @#%$ DID SAM CASSELL NOT GET T'D UP FOR b****ING TO THE REFS FOR OVER 20 SECONDS AT THE END OF THE GAME?!? Good lord! If any of the Nugs would have done that, Javie would have had them executed. Why was there not a foul on Tim Thomas when he "set a pick" on Andre Miller that knocked Dre a good 5 feet back? I realize there are going to be games that go the Nugs way with officiating, but these new reffing rules are going to take some getting used to. A little consistency would be nice.

I'm not sure how JR Smith is solving our SG problems AZ. He had a decent statline, but he couldn't make the three. Then again, NO ONE could. 4-for-23? Ugh. Not pretty. JR could come around, and is a phenominal talent, but we need him to make the three ball. I wouldn't be surprised to see Diawara starting by January. I think his offensive game is going to come around, and it's obvious Karl likes his D & toughness.

Camby carried the team. He's one of the more underrated players in the league. I believe he finished with 14 points, 18 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 blocks and a steal. Unbelievable. Nene's toughness down low was really missed last year, and having him back helps. Even K-Mart looked solid (although he needs to stop shooting the long jumper).

I thought we'd go 1-1 in our first two games, but this isn't how I thought we'd do it. LA played a tough game two nights ago, we should have run them out of the gym. Now we have to see how the Nugs handle back-to-back's.
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