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Originally Posted by troya900 View Post
Lame man refs enforcing the new rule at their own discretion. Cassell was whining to the ref forever after that turnover late in the game and doesn't get a technical.
I love the rule and wasn't pissed at all when Melo got tossed; he definitely deserved it.

But It REALLY pissed me off when Cassell was jawing at that ref after he himself made a stupid careless play with obviously no foul; and I usually don't get pissed at refs calls. By interpretation of the rule, he should have been T-ed up regardless of the time left in the game. He obviously had some sort of raport with the ref that I guess made it okay.

If they're going to do this thing they have to call it both ways, not just against the road team like so many other calls by NBA officials.
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